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As usual we've heard the internet rumblings of "this is why it won't be renewed" or the "it looks good for another season!" We stand by what we said about not participating in the "rumor-circus" of whether ONE TREE HILL will return for a SEASON 9 or not, but that doesn't mean we've given up hope. Quite frankly several media outlets never had faith in any of renewals. Each year we're told that it will be the last for our beloved show and each year we have proven that OTH still has more story to tell.

Only once have we been told way ahead of time that OTH would have another season, so every year around this time we put petitions together and we bombard the network to show our support. We've never been one of those shows over-hyped, or one with a lot of media coverage, and yet we have solid dedication. Our ratings are great (better than even some of the "top shows"), our cast is awesome, OTH is the second longest running show for The CW, and the dedication of their fan-base doesn't falter.

Many of you feel as though season eight might actually be their last, but we're not giving up without a fight. We're hoping for another season, another year of story, and hopefully another chance at getting some of our favorite characters from seasons past to return.

Every year the cast and crew of the show want another season, and this year is no different. They want to go into a SEASON 9 as much as we want them to! You may have recently heard that the show 'officially wants another season', but they never said they didn't. It would have been getting a bit a head of ourselves to start petitions too early on, but now that it's March - and sweeps are underway - we think it's the perfect time for the network to take notice.

NEW episodes of ONE TREE HILL return on April 19, 2011 at 8/7c and that return marks the first of only a few remaining episodes/weeks that we have to show The CW that we're uniting, we're pushing, and we're hoping for another season of 'the little show that could'.

As we did last year, we want you all to participate in a few activities to bring awareness to our support for SEASON 9. Below you'll find a link to a petition that we'd love for you to sign and pass around to all of your fellow fans and friends. There's also an address for you to write letters to the network as well as a number for you to call. Do all that you can! Show your dedication! Tell The CW!

Don't forget that we also have Twitter on our side with the wonderful option and ability to tweet all day long by including this #OTHseason9 at the end of all your tweets. We want to show a UNITED FRONT.

WORD OF ADVICE -- In your messages to The CW, we ask that you act mature and are as polite as possible when letting them know you want another season of OTH. No one will take you seriously or respect what we have to ask if you're rude and disrespectful. We want them to know we're dedicated, not "annoying". Remember, we are ONE so anything you say reflects on OTH fans in general.


Send tweets to @CW_network & @RobFlemingCW
Include the hashtag #OTHseason9 in your messages!


If you would like a URL for tweets, use this:

The ONLY way you can send an email to the CW is through the feedback form on the CW's website

Call the CW comment hot line
(818) 977-6878

ATTN: One Tree Hill Manager
3300 W Olive Ave, 3rd Floor
Burbank, CA 91505

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