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to the site! Here you'll find stuff we've made for you to pimp your MySpace, One Tree Hill style! We made a MySpace for about a month ago mainly so we could chat with you all. After we posted a custom layout we made for it.. everyone kept asking us to make them one too. Since, we didn't have the time to just send out personal MySpace layouts for everybody, we just decided to make a webpage where we feature layouts and update it as frequent as possible. We hope you look around, pick something you like! Enjoy!
Nelly & Cortni

2.03.07: NEW themed layouts "Candy Hearts & Love Notes", and "Lights! Camera! Action!", which includes episode and movie themes. Also, a brand new Peyton Sawyer layout. We've also upgraded our Photobucket account, so no more broken images! :)

9.27.06: Well, it's been awhile since the last update. But, we've got a brand new layout and will be adding more goodies for you all soon!

4.08.06: NEW "Chronicles of the Teen Heart" themed layouts. Extended networks, contact tables, and backgrounds from layouts up as well.

4.02.06: NEW Episode #316 & Brooke Davis themes.
Plus, a Chad Michael Murray and Ravens contact tables.

 Peyton's Profile

She's basically the music guru of Tree Hill. She's also a good person to get advice from a shoulder to lean on and just a great friend in general. That is.. not according to her sometimes BF4ever Brooke Davis  when she's eyeing heartthrob Lucas Scott, also known as Brooke's boyfriend. Anyway, check out Peyton's official MySpace, see some candid photos of her and her friends, find out her interest in movies, music and anything else she has written down. View her artwork and get a little insight into Miss P. Sawyer's brain. There's always a lot going on in there. VIEW PROFILE

 Featured Profile

Check out the official MySpace for One Tree Hill! You can usually find everything from exclusive photos, news, blog entries and music from the soundtracks! Plus, you can find MySpace profiles for  music artist/bands that have been featured on "One Tree Hill" in the past like Tyler Hilton, Jack's Mannequin, Strays Don't Sleep, the Wreckers and Dashboard Confessional.. just to name a few. VIEW PROFILE


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Featured Music Profile

Name: Tyler Hilton
We say:
You know him, you love him now listen to Tyler tunes, check out his profile and Add Tyler to your Friends!


Featured Fan Profile

Name: Carmen
We say:
Carmen is such an awesome girl and OTH fan! Get to know her, and mention that OTHWeb sent you!


Hanson wants to write a song just for me!

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