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The thirty-something single mother and the owner of a small business Karen Roe, basically lived quietly among the town of Tree Hill, North Carolina since the birth of her son Lucas. When the once Tree Hill Ravens cheerleader got pregnant and abandoned after her senior year, by her then-boyfriend / Tree Hill's very own basketball superstar Dan Scott, Karen stayed behind while all her friends went off to college to raise her son with the help of her friend, and Dan's brother, Keith Scott.

Karen grew to have a very close relationship with Lucas and though Lucas had never known his father, his Uncle Keith was a very important part of his life. Karen, Lucas and Keith made the most of their lives and Karen provided a very loving home for Lucas while she opened her own café, appropriately titled
Karen's Café. Things were going pretty good for them, until the day Dan re-entered their lives.

Turns out during his freshman year of college, Dan had impregnated another girlfriend of his,
Deb -- although he married her. The two moved back to his home town of Tree Hill to raise their son Nathan. When Nathan and a few of his friends on the basketball team got into some trouble, Tree Hill High's principal was forced to suspend half of the team. Leaving the Ravens coach, Brian 'Whitey' Durham to recruit new members... one of which, Lucas Scott.

This angered Dan and after years of having no communication with Karen and Lucas, Dan pressured Nathan to make his half-brothers life hell. Now this angered Karen and while since then, Nathan and Lucas have fought and made up, and been friends, then brothers over and over again.. it has still kept Dan and Karen at each others throats.

Shockingly enough, Karen has become very close friends with Dan's wife Deb, and Deb even works at Karen's Café. They both have also invested in a night club called
TRIC, brought to their attention by Peyton Sawyer, a very good friend of Lucas'.

Things between Karen and Keith have gotten a little rough, after he confessed his feelings for Karen and she turned down his marriage proposal.. Keith moved on.. and moved away.

Last year Dan survived a heart attack, leaving him with a new attitude and a new found passion to start a relationship with his son he abandoned. Lucas then moved in with Dan, of course not with the same intentions but to get close enough to his father, to take revenge on 'Daddy Dearest.' Hiding the real reason for this from his mother -- along with the fact that he told Karen he didn't have the genetic heart defect that Dan has, called HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).. which he does, it left Karen feeling lost and heartbroken. But, with the help of Karen's boyfriend
Andy Hargrove, Lucas began his search on illegal information on Dan.

When Dan found out what Lucas was up to and cut off paying for his heart medication, Lucas moved back home with his mother. Last summer Karen went to spend time with Andy in his home country of New Zealand, although things didn't go smoothly when Andy told Karen he wanted to start a family, not ready for that -- Karen took the next flight home.

Meanwhile after someone poisoned Dan and set fire to Dan Scott Motors in hopes to kill him, he decided to run for Mayor of Tree Hill. Determined not to allow him the power, Karen decided to run against him the mayoral campaign with the help of Deb. Karen lost unfortunately, but the good news is Keith returned to Tree Hill, and to their surprise they began to build a love-filled relationship they both desperately wanted. After a few weeks together, Keith once again asked her to marry him, only this time she accepted. While planning their wedding, and getting ready to sign adoption papers so that Keith could legally adopt Lucas, tragedy hit Tree Hill.

Tree Hill High School student Jimmy Edwards brought a gun to school and held students hostage including Nathan, Lucas and their friends, Keith courageously went into the school to try and calm Jimmy down. Keith tried but Jimmy shot himself, and in that moment Dan also showed up. With the thought that Keith was the one who had tried to kill him in the fire, Dan shot Keith dead.

While it was a deeply sad time for Karen after Keith's death, she found some happiness in her mourning -- she found out she was pregnant with Keith's baby. Of course she had her fears of raising another child alone... then again when Lucas was a baby and Dan was nowhere to be found... she had Keith. Who does she have now? Dan. Yup... he's practically never leaving her side throughout her pregnancy, and forming a new relationship with their son, Lucas -- all the while hiding the fact that he's the one who took her mate and baby's father from her. The worst part is... Karen even started falling for Dan again... yes, to the point of chaperoning the Tree Hill senior prom and on one occasion - locking lips.

After a series of events, Lucas found out Dan was the one who had killed his beloved uncle, but when he went to tell his mother -- Karen didn't believe her son. Or just didn't want to believe. When Lucas finally confronted Dan in front of Karen, with ammunition of course, Karen passed out. The baby had to be delivered right away, there was even a time where Karen wasn't going to be make it because of the difficult delivery. Karen and her daughter survived. She named her
Lily Roe Scott because while she in surgery to have her baby, she dreamt of Keith and their daughter much older... and he told her he would always be there for her, and wait for her in the lilies.

Dan went to jail, but you can best believe Karen confronted him about what she had done to her, Lucas and Lily. Karen spent a few more years in Tree Hill until Lily was old enough to travel the world with her. She closed up shop on Karen's Cafe and she took off... during a stop in New Zealand, Karen met up with Andy again. They've begun dating again and even made a trip back to Tree Hill for Lucas' wedding -- that didn't happen. Let's not forget that it was also the same day everyone found out Dan was released from jail.

We'll just have to see where Karen's next journey takes her...

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